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Is it possible to keep a table column empty if it's defined as unique?

Table schema

      Column       |          Type          |   Modifiers   | Description 
 id                | integer                | not null      | 
 name              | character varying(64)  |               | 


    "clients_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree (id)
    "clients_name_idx" UNIQUE, btree (name)
Has OIDs: yes

Due to modifications to the application sometimes the name column needs to be empty, is this possible at all?

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2 Answers

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If the column can contain NULL values, then that is OK, as NULL is not included in the index.

Note that some databases don't implement the standard properly (some versions of SQL Server only allowed one NULL value per unique constraint, but I'm sure if that is still the case).

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Using NULL is the better option, but you could also use a conditional unique index:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX unique_clients_name ON clients (name) WHERE name <> '';

And avoid oid's, these are useless and obsolete.

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