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I am currently doing a web app for my company. Suddenly, we were told to change the server to https. We are using rails + nginx server.

I have made changes to the nginx conf as I read in the nginx wiki:

listen 443;
ssl on;
ssl_certficate .......;
ssl_key ....;

Upon further research, I came to know that I have to make certain changes in the rails . So I installed the ssl_requirement plugin, and added these lines in the config file:

"include SslRequirement"

in my application.rb file. So when I start my server and type the host name, I either get "a plain HTTP request sent" or "This page isnt redirecting properly".

Please tell me where I am going wrong here.

PS : I have to make the entire application https.

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Test your application first by redirecting one of the methods in your application.... as like...
In controller.rb

ssl_required :action_name 


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