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I am trying to save a name to the database and a single word (firstname) works fine but when the user enter both firstname and lastname I want Rails to save it to the database as firstname-lastname instead of firstname lastname (space between).

I know I perhaps should use a before create filter but I am not sure how this need to look like. I want the validation to work to, i.e. no two people should be able to use the same name.

I am using Rails 3. Please help!

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Why don't you just have first_name and last_name columns in the db, and create your own validation rule to make sure the combination is unique (http://guides.rubyonrails.org/active_record_validations_callbacks.html#creating-custom-validation-methods). You should also create a unique index over those two columns in your db.

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You can use ActiveSupport's inflector method parameterize on the string.

name = 'john smith'     # => john smith
name.parameterize       # => john-smith

Further, parameterize takes an option to use for the word-break, so you can replace the dash with an underscore like this:

name.parameterize("_")  # => john_smith

An advantage of using parameterize is that it normalizes the characters to the latin, so...

name = "jöhanne såltveç"
name.parameterize       # => johanne-saltvec
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Another option would be to us regexp and replace all existing spaces with. You'd put something along the lines of:

self.firstname.gsub(/\s+/, '-')

in your model.

Note: I'm not sure if ruby accepts \s as "any whitespace character" And I think the * should make sure that if someone enters a name with two neighbour spaces(or more) it won't convert each space into a separate dash, but only into one.

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This seperates all letters with a dash, not every word... – Ger May 25 '12 at 12:42
@Gearóid Oh, you are right! I meant to type + not *! Sorry about that. =P – omninonsense Jun 2 '12 at 12:41

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