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The following code works fine in IE 7 and IE 6, but not in IE 8:

value = $("#ctl00_ContentApplication_cmbLocation option[text='" 
          + $('#ctl00_ContentApplication_lblResLocation').text() + "']").val();

Does anyone know why?

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Could it be that you mean :contains(...) instead of [text=...]?


value = $("#ctl00_ContentApplication_cmbLocation option:contains('"+ $( '#ctl00_ContentApplication_lblResLocation' ).text() +"')").val();

For example, $('option:contains('text') will match <option value='val'>text</option> (but also <option value='val'>text and some more words</option>).

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These are ID from asp.net, the best way to detect it in jQuery is:

var div1 = $('[id$=cmbLocation]');
var div2 = $('[id$=lblResLocation]');

try and let me know.

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