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Where is it gone ?

let triggerFindNext,findNextEvent = IEvent.create<EventArgs>()

The field, constructor or member 'create' is not defined

maybe I must to add some Framework for it ?

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possible duplicate of How to create .NET-compatible events in F#? – adrianbanks Dec 17 '10 at 10:09
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The IEvent.create function has been deprecated. A new way of creating events is to create instance of the Event type. In the simplest case you can write just this:

let evt = new Event<EventArgs>() 

// Trigger event (instead of first element of the tuple)
// Returns IEvent<EventArgs> value (instead of second element of the tuple)

This represents event using IEvent<_> value (and doesn't generate .NET compatible event if you expose it as a property) and it uses generic Handler<_> delegate from F# libraries.

(If you want to generate .NET compatible event usable from C# then you need to add CLIEvent attribute and you can use variant of Event that takes delegate as generic parameter as described in the answer already mentioned by others)

EDIT: I posted a more complete F# snippet (with nicer formatting) here:

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