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We are currently maintaining a Perl web application and we are slowly trying to bring it into the modern age.

We want to be able to build our application so that when a new developer comes along we can just give them a copy of the build and they can have a local copy of the application with minimal fuss.

Does anyone have any experience of creating a build for a legacy web application that could offer some pro tips?

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What exactly do you mean by a "build"? How does the "legacy" part change your question? – ysth Dec 17 '10 at 10:01
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Start by authoring an ordinary CPAN distribution, Perl modules go into lib etc. This is described in perlnewmod and the documents referenced in its section titled See also.

Use Module::Build as the build system. You extend it for the extra stuff you want to install, for example template files, this is described in the cookbook.

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