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In my DB4O database I have an amount of Book objects

  +string: Title

When entering a title (string) in my form I would like to suggest existing titles. Currently I use a simple


But it would be a nice adition if I could suggest books with titles that match the input title even if it had several, non sequential matching words and give the matches in an order of relevance. In short: have full text search on them.

Any ideas?

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You have to hook Lucene or Lucene.NET to index your text fields. Full text searches will be very fast using Lucene.

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Lucene rocks :) I have read that the DB4O actually uses Lucene internally already. I wonder if there is some way of not having to make my own Lucene index next to the existing one.. – Boris Callens Feb 19 '09 at 19:49

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