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I am trying to add Axis2 parsing/handling to my existing web application. This compiles into a WAR file, however, my understanding (hopefully incorrect) of the Axis2 process is that to run it inside of a Tomcat server you need to install the Axis2.war servlet, and then compile the Axis2 application into an .aar file and place it in the $CATALINA_HOME/axis2/services subdirectory.

I need this to work compiled into a war file and put in a normal location.

From my understanding, to use Axis2 you need the servlet container to have a transport listener, which is the Axis2.war servlet. This will then delegate to the relevant installed .aar file. I have read a lot of the documentation and can't see how to make Axis2 more transparent.

Has anyone got any knowledge of this?

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You can add the axis2 as a servlet of your current application . All you have to do is add to your web.xml something like this:

   <display-name>Apache-Axis Servlet</display-name>

And a mapping:


Here is a guide for the configuration.

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