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I want to add Google search in my website, so that it will search the pages from only my website and will provide result inside my website page.

I found the google search for websites here: but it seems its paid? is google search fro websites is paid product now? or its available for free?

Please help to clarify doubts about google search for website.

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Use Google custom search. There are two editions: 1) Standard (Free) and 2) Site Search (Paid).


Here is a link of Web Search API.

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Add a search box that constructs a URL with a site: parameter, such as:

That'll search for 'my_search_string' on slasdot and return the default google page.

The paid-for services let you get out of google ads, customise the results and present them with your own headers and footers etc.

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One (definitely free) option is to embed the Google search page using a frame or similar.

Far from ideal though. I'm sure there are more elegant solutions to the problem.

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