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Does anybody know, when the final release of Visual Studio Lightswitch will be out?

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We don't yet know if there will be a release of Lightswitch, it may be dropped by Microsoft before it gets to V1. Only time will tell. –  Ian Ringrose Feb 14 '11 at 10:59

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From here

There's actually not an estimated release date set for RTM. We want to get Beta1 into your hands and hear your feedback on how close to done we are. We also plan on having a Beta2.

There are some guesses thrown around that we should expect Beta2 in Q1 2011 but I've not seen anything from a source I would consider reliable.

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LightSwitch is currently at B2, which introduced a number of new features that B1 didn't have, unfortunately with a fair share of bugs as well. Many of these have been reported to, & "fixed" by, the LS team. But we haven't been able to test them ourselves (only MVP's & selected MS Partners have access to the latest "bits").

We've been told there will be no further betas, nor an RC. The next version to be released will be the RTM of V1.

The MSDN forum is currently quite active:


We still don't know when RTM will be released, but personally I don't expect it to be too far off.


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I don't think anyone knows this yet. There's currently only Beta 1 and in this discussion some MS guy (Lead Program Manager for Visual Studio) says that they plan to have a Beta 2 as well, and then I'd assume that there might be a RC after that.

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