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This is generic UI question.

In my web application user can select color of some parts of application. User wants to change each color separately so I don't use tuned color themes. Color must be easily transfered by clipboard, so I prefer text input rather then mouse clicking in color wheel or so. Text input has ajax-based popup for offering some predefined colors.

There are so many color sets which can be used for predefined colors in application:

  • 16 old-fashioned basic HTML web colors (aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray...)
  • extended CSS web colors (aliceblue, antiquewhite, aqua, aquamarine, azure, beige...)
  • X11 color names (basicaly same as CSS colors with some clashes)
  • web safe colors (eye-tuned colors without names)

Which color set is better to use?

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OK, wrong question, my fault.

For those who interested: finally I have chosen list of extended CSS colors, sorted by "shade" (not by name) just like here.

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As usual (sic) accept answer by myself. –  mschayna Jan 3 '11 at 12:32

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