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It seems that a many to many relationship should always be bidirectional since each side is probably interested in accessing the other side's collection. Does anyone have a real world example where a many to many relationship made sense being unidirectional.

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A simple example,

// a Product can belong to many ProductCollections
class Product
    // some properties

// a ProductCollection can contain many Products
class ProductCollection
    public IList<Product> Products { get; private set; }    
    // ...
    // other collection properties

You may want to group/organise products in generic collections and allow the end user to create new collections.

Some collections are used to display products on a website, others are used for administration (person A is responsible for... , person B for other products), some products are keps in a 'out of stock' collection, others in a 'need to be updated' collection, etc...

In such a scenario you will most likely always want to retrieve a products using a specific collection.

And if you need all the collections a product belongs to, then you can always write a function for that.

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