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hey guys, my ie source code of an image says this:

<img width="1500" src="something.jpg" style="width:1265px" alt="something"/>

this means the image is actually 1500px wide and i'm dynamically resizing it to 1265px with jquery:

this is the code i'm using:


in some version of ie this means it doesn't actually show an image, probably due to the fact that there is a different width than the style attribute tells it to have.

I'm guessing $(this).width is transformed to style="width:value" right? how can i directly modify the width-attribute of the image dynamically width jquery?

regards matt

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You can modify attributes with attr()




if you want to set the style use css()



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Andy is right, you don't alter the width of the image while using the jQuery .width property. Instead you'll use jQuery's CSS or attr commands to alter its dimensions. –  Tiny Giant Studios Dec 17 '10 at 12:19

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