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I upload my first app into market, and now I want to upgrade a new version, but I got this exception when I upgrade my app. " The apk must be signed with the same certificates as the previous version." I lost my certificate keystore, what can I do in this situation? unpublish my app and rename the package? Can I upload other app using the other keystore?

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Faced the same problem. I was trying to restore it via deleted files restoring tools, but it failed. So, there is no other way: you should issue another application.

Of course, any other your application you can upload with other certificate. It is used only for the security purposes: to ensure that upgrading person is the one who is the author.

Generally, the only advise that exists on keystores: always backup it!

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Thank you Vladimir Ivanov !:) –  ycz Dec 17 '10 at 12:10

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