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I have a user id from a synced contact, I now try to retrieve the raw twitter accounts that the sync adapter from the official twitter client creates. How would I specify the MIME Type for needed to filter for the Twitter Account?

The content of the MIME Type Column is:

Column Name is: mimetype Content is: vnd.android.cursor.item/vnd.twitter.profile

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My bad. Another Error made the result I wanted to get invisible to me.

The following code gives you the synced twitter contact:

Cursor rawTwitterContact = getContentResolver().query(Data.CONTENT_URI, null, Data.CONTACT_ID + "=? AND " + Data.MIMETYPE + "='vnd.android.cursor.item/vnd.twitter.profile'", new String[] { String.valueOf(userId) }, null);
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Hi Janusz, does getting this give you Twitter information then? –  Donal Rafferty Nov 15 '11 at 18:41
probably it gives you some kind of user id, which you can further use with the twitter api –  tkSimon Nov 28 '11 at 19:57

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