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I want to retrieve records for last 30 minutes in a table. How to do that? Below is my query..

select * from
where DatePlayed < CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
and DatePlayed >
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Change this (CURRENT_TIMESTAMP-30)

To This: DateADD(mi, -30, Current_TimeStamp)

To get the current date use GetDate().

MSDN Link to DateAdd Function
MSDN Link to Get Date Function

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Have a look at using DATEADD

something like

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select * from [Janus999DB].[dbo].[tblCustomerPlay] where DatePlayed <  GetDate() and DatePlayed > dateadd(minute, -30, GetDate())
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SQL Server uses Julian dates so your 30 means "30 calendar days". getdate() - 0.02083 means "30 minutes ago".

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