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I'm using multibib to create a list of articles in an appendix.

%Create new macros for citation in "lit" group
\newcites{lit}{My list of articles}

%The appendix
\chapter{My list of articles}
%Force use of citations
%Stop clear double page
%Will print bib heading

The problems I ran into was that I wish to replace the automatic chapter heading generated by the \bibliographylit command (which in turn uses bibtex, I guess) with a NULL command so that I can use my own appendix chapter heading. I could remove the double page clearing by using the command:


And I wish to do the same but with the whole chapter heading. Redefining \chapter left me with a * in the place of the chapter.

As suggested here: Bibliography as section in LaTeX / BibTeX this didn't work: http://www.flakery.org/search/show/568 (\bibsection is undefined)

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Ok, my understanding of \renewcommand was lacking. Adding two arguments as:


Everything works!

Edit: I've also learned that you can "scope" the redefintion, so to leave \chapter command untouched after this bibliography I do:

\chapter{Appendix with references}
{ %Disable chapter command

Pretty sweet!

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