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We are trying to convert the JSON object from NSSTRING TO NSDICTIONARY but we are not getting any value. Here is the url for our webservice http://ecreeds.info/theappsoluteguideto/appservice.asmx/appArea

any help would be appreciated.

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Use JSONLint.com it appears your webservice returns a 500 error for the response hence why you are not seing anything, because of invalid json

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Thanks for reply, We are getting following JSON object when we debug the variable on xcode ... [{"RowNumber" : "1","AreaId" : "3","Area" : "Maharastra"},{"RowNumber" : "2","AreaId" : "4","Area" : "Madhya Pradesh"}]; –  laycock Dec 17 '10 at 14:51
I would recommend you use SBJSON code.google.com/p/json-framework NSError *error = nil; SBJsonParser *parser = [[SBJsonParser alloc] init]; NSDictionary *jsonArray = [parser objectWithString:[request responseString] error:&error]; [parser release]; –  kgutteridge Dec 17 '10 at 20:09

Your JSON isn't valid. In fact, it's quite off.

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