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how can i connect to a mongodb from Ruby code ?

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Kir's answer is appropriate if you are working only with Ruby. But if you are developing a Rails app, you likely will want to connect to MongoDB with an ORM such as:

Using an ORM will give you the functionality Rails developers are familiar with in ActiveRecord. See a list of MongoDB Clients on http://ruby-toolbox.com/.

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Firstly, you have to install MongoDb gem:

gem install mongo

Then run code:

require 'rubygems'  # not necessary for Ruby 1.9
require 'mongo'
db = Mongo::Connection.new.db("mydb") # OR
db = Mongo::Connection.new("localhost").db("mydb") # OR
db = Mongo::Connection.new("localhost", 27017).db("mydb")
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Short version: install the Mongo gem, then db = Mongo::Connection.new.db("mydb")

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As a side note, these were Google search results #1 and #2 for "mongodb ruby". –  ceejayoz Dec 17 '10 at 14:33
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