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I am looking for a library similar to prettytable but in C++


I know how to generate one myself using either printf or iostream. However, I would like to know if there is a library for this.

I am interested only in writing this ASCII table to the console.

Preferably something like:

std::vector<std::string> headers;
headers.push_back("My Awesome Header 1");
headers.push_back("My Awesome Header 2");
headers.push_back("My Awesome Header 3");

PrettyTablePrinter ptp;
// Set some other options here

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Since I have not found a good C++ solution, I have written one for you all


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While not exactly what you're looking for, Boost.Spirit contains a library (named Karma) usable to generate this kind of output fairly easily. The docs are here.

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To my knowledge, you have three major options here :

I'm not aware of any library which could help you in the "table design" more than this.

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It's pretty simple to write an html to create tables in C++, you don't need a library for that. On the other hand if you want table output on console, it can be done, but it's not that easy, especially if you need to do vertical alignment, breaking strings, etc.

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The most generic way to format any output of all, in fact the only way to do so within the C++ language is with I/O Manipulators.

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You may achieve it using ncurses library. Its C library.

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