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I have a module where I try to create some users.

$newUser = array(
        'name' => "Bob",
        'pass' => "pass",
        'mail' => "a@a.com",
        'status' => 1,
        'init' => "a@a.com"
$newUserObject = user_save(null, $newUser1);

If a user is all ready created with the same mail address i am not getting false returned I get the user object who all ready existed. Is there any way I can be told that the user all ready exists.

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You could try calling user_load with the email address before trying to create the user, to see if it returns a user object. Here's an example (borrowed from here):

//search by email
$account = user_load(array('mail' => check_plain($email)));
if ($account->uid) {
  //user found
} else {
  //user NOT found
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You can try searching for the user before creating the user. Assuming drupal 6:

user_search('search', {email}, TRUE);

Or just query directly and see if the query returns FALSE.

db_result(db_query('SELECT name FROM {users} WHERE LOWER(mail) = LOWER('%s'), $email));


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