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Hi all I have created the WPF Tree which has three level of nodes.

Each will expand on mouse click or use of "+" key: With use of "TreeViewItem.Expanded".

Now I want to code Expansion of tree at load time. This is to save the Click of User to get the information.

I want to know below things from SO:

  1. Is there is any combination of key which will Expand all the tree nodes(As "+" will expand the one level of tree).
  2. Or Is there is any property to generate the Event for the expansion of nodes.
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  1. No, nothing built in.
  2. No, again nothing built in.

That being said, it's a fairly trivial matter to intercept a key press event and enumerate your nodes and set the TreeViewItem.Expanded = true;.

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TreeViewItem.ExpandSubTree will expand the item and all of its children. If the TreeViewItem happens to be the root item, the entire tree will be expanded.

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