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There are tons of ways to get the Mime Type from a given InputStream or File. But given a MimeType or (in HTTP terms: content type) how do I get a list of file extensions.

Java's activation library has MimetypesFileTypeMap but that goes File Ext -> Mime Type. I need Mime Type -> File Ext.

It seems like I would have to copy the pseudo private code that is in com.sun.activation to load up the mime type mappings.

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Apache comes with a mime.types file. You could parse this file and use it to map filename extensions to content types and vice versa. This file is located in the Apache Group/Apache2/conf directory.

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I ended up using the Java Mimeutil library which comes with file that you can load.

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Use the ExtensionMimeDetector class – ThomasRS Aug 9 '12 at 11:32

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