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If I am sending utf-8 data to a mysql db which has a charset of utf-8 but a collation of latin1 would that be a problem? and why?

what does the collation do in this case?

I am getting mangled up data when I extract it from the db, will a collation change fix that?


The mangled data in the DB is for example like this:


It should be like:



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About your error: make sure you send SET NAMES utf8 to your SQL server before INSERTing the data.

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can you explain what that will do for me? Right before I send my insert string to mysql? –  mahatmanich Dec 17 '10 at 15:50
ok it is working with 'SET NAMES utf8' thanks. –  mahatmanich Dec 17 '10 at 18:10

It wouldn't be a problem, per-se. The collation controls things like sort order & how comparisons are accomplished.

It is likely that the mangled data is being caused by something else.

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Collation relates to how different characters will be compared. This could cause issues if you are comparing utf-8 data with a latin1 collation since you may get different results than what you expect. Changing the collation will not stop the data from being mangled.

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