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Suppose I have taxonomy "test", and under this taxonomy, I have terms "test2" and "test3". I want to loop all terms under taxonomy "test'. I found a api function "taxonomy_get_children" that can get all children (reference: http://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/modules--taxonomy--taxonomy.module/function/taxonomy_get_children/6), my code didn't works, could someone give me a idea?(I am using Drupal 6)
Thank you

$a = taxonomy_get_children(1, $vid, 'tid');
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Are you sure your tid = 1? Or is your $vid = 1

tid = term id (the actual term in the vocabulary) vid = vocab id (the vocabulary where the term exists)

Typically, if you know your vocabulary id is 1, youd call it like this:

$a = taxonomy_get_children($tid, 1);

Or if you don't know the vid, just pass in the $tid

$a = taxonomy_get_children($tid);
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Thanks for the suggestion, I use $a = taxonomy_get_children($tid); to pass a vid to the function and it loop all terms that belong to this vocabulary. –  Charles Yeung Dec 18 '10 at 1:37

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