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I have a django app that is hosted in google app engine. I would like to have usernames in subdomains to show a personal page for a user in my app.

Like this: username.example.com

I know how to get the username from the url and work on it on my app but i don't know how to setup the cname on godaddy for it.

Right now the cnames are:
Host -> Points to
www -> ghs.google.com #it redirects to the app on appengine
mail -> ghs.google.com #it redirects to the mail service for my domain

I want that every subdomain goes to CNAME www and keep the CNAME for mail.

I have tried: Host -> Points to
www -> ghs.google.com
mail -> ghs.google.com
* -> www
but godaddy does not allow me to save HOST with * it tells me that it is not a valid host.

Is there someway to do it? anyone has done something similar?

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Godaddy doesn't support wilcard CNAMEs. possible duplicate of Wildcard subdomain on google app engine, alternatives to godaddy domains –  Wooble Dec 17 '10 at 16:04

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I have found that I can create a wildcard A record with godaddy, instead of a CNAME record. For an A record, you must specify an IP address, not a host name. If you ping ghs.google.com you can get the IP which is

I am not sure if this is a permanent solution but is working for me now. I suppose it is possible that ghs.google.com could change IP addresses, in which case the A record would break.

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ghs.google.com doesn't resolve to just a single IP address, so this is a bad idea. (It's also essentially the same idea as the other answer on this question from 2010). –  Wooble Feb 23 '12 at 11:25

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