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is it possible, to combine some "String"-statements in one MySQL-Query, like in the following example?


I created some database with tables for the various standard types like "Int", "Double" and so on. So the tables names are "Standard_Int", "Standard_Double" etc.. In addition there are some other tables like "Key_Names", "Main" and so on.

To get more specific, I want to create some query like the following:

insert into ... (tables name)

   "Standard_" + ... (tables name)
   select table from Key_Names where
             → Standard_Text
             → Standard_Double
             → Standard_Int

In other words: I need some statement combining two strings.

Thanks for your help, Korbi

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You can try to use the CONCAT function:


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I would agree with the first comment, use the CONCAT function in your select statement...

SELECT CONCAT(TableA.attribute1, TableA.attribute2)
FROM TableA...
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