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I switched my SVN working copy to a particular branch (or tag). Or did I? I can't remember. How can I tell what tag or branch is associated with my working copy? If I do a commit, how do I know where it will go?

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On the command line, from your working directory, type:

svn info .

This will tell you a lot of information, including the URL path which should indicate tag/branch folders assuming your svn repo follows the normal conventions for tag and branch folders.

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One reason I recommend having a command-line SVN client installed, even if you use Tortoise for most of your SVN needs –  MatrixFrog Dec 19 '10 at 20:27


I also RTFM'd the TortoiseSVN FAQ which notes that you can right-click and select Properties... (Windows Properties not SVN Properties) and click on the "Subversion" tab to view the URL (and other interesting things).

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Right click on the working folder -> Repo Browser

Whatever path loads in the URL is where it was checked out from.

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