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how can I programmatically set the system volume for voice call when using a bluetooth earpiece?

Using this:

mAudioManager.setStreamVolume(AudioManager.STREAM_VOICE_CALL, myVolume, 0);

when a call (using the Earpice) is in progress it doesn't change anything.

I searched a lot before posting, but can't find any hint on how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

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I also got in same problem and found out that, Android is using int 6 for bluetooth volume and not documented.

Just use 6 instead of AudioManager.STREAM_VOICE_CALL and try, It should work

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awesome hint, frustrating that this is not documented. while it works, I have one problem with this: the volume control (the one that the system shows when you change the volume using volume up/down hardwre keys on the phone) isn't shown - any way to fix this? –  stefan.at.wpf Dec 2 '12 at 11:48
by the way, how did you find that out? you checked the source code? which source file exactly is it? thanks :-) –  stefan.at.wpf Dec 2 '12 at 11:49
and here is how to show the volume control: stackoverflow.com/questions/3581722/… :-) –  stefan.at.wpf Dec 2 '12 at 11:52
@stefan.at.wpf I checked logs for CS call and found it. Logs are printing those values :) –  Mehul Shah Jun 19 at 18:21
You are late with your reply :P No, seriously, thanks for it, even after that long time! –  stefan.at.wpf Jun 19 at 19:57

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