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I need to develop drag and drop functionality in Ipad. As i am new to javascript, i tried to get some solution to get this thing done. I could find the way to move the element on the screen.

Here the the url http://popdevelop.com/2010/08/touching-the-web/

Now what i want to know is, when i drag any element, i need to put it in a predefine area, like drag from x container and putting into y container.

I need help to create drop-able container, so that i could drag and drop into the container.

Some thing similar to the below functionality i need to create in ipad.


Please help.

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Firstly, use jquery UI http://jqueryui.com/demos/ for drag and drop functionality and then add this script https://github.com/furf/jquery-ui-touch-punch for playing it in Ipad or Iphone.


Try this : jquery.event.drag - v 2.2 Three Dub Media - http://threedubmedia.com

Hope it helps.

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