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For example, If I have a SWF that loads XML and images, and displays them, is there some kind of 3rd-party tool that will take this SWF and re-render it as if all the text and images were embedded and not external? So I could just use the same SWF without it relying on image and xml data files? Thanks.

The reason for this is that there are a lot of limitations placed by our CMS and oftentimes having a single file for deployment causes much fewer headache, but at dev time it makes a lot more sense to have external files when translated content is required.

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I think the only way you could do this would be at compile time, you can look at the [Embed] metatag (Assuming you are using a actionscript flex builder project). This would allow you to change file externally during development but only need to compile the one file. (I'd suggest not doing this though, sounds like it could be a maintenance nightmare!)

Here is a blog post on how to embed XML http://dispatchevent.org/roger/embed-almost-anything-in-your-swf/

Seems to work like so:

[Embed(source="test.xml", mimeType="text/xml")]
protected const EmbeddedXML:Class;

var x:XML = XML(new EmbeddedXML());
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