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I have remote logged into my machine and trying to start tomcat server. But, I get the following error.

Error occurred during initialization of VM

Could not reserve enough space for object heap

Could not create the Java virtual machine.

Apparently there are some memory restrictions when logged into remote desktop. Is there any way I can start the tomcat from RDP?


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Have you tried to increase the maximum heap size? –  khachik Dec 17 '10 at 18:08
chances are this is related to how you launch tomcat, and nothing to do with remote desktop –  Yoni Dec 17 '10 at 18:09
Yoni, I have the same problem over Remote Desktop but while logged into the machine directly I have no trouble. –  Cameron Nov 2 '11 at 17:38

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Remote desktop could be causing the problem if you are using a 32-bit system. Java requires a single continuous block of memory to start Java. If you start Java with close to the maximum amount of memory, whether you get that memory as a single block depends on what you have already running on that server.

Solutions include

  • start Java as a service on start up.
  • use a 64-bit version of the OS and Java.
  • use less memory in the JVM, even 100 Mb could make a difference.
  • increase the amount of main memory in the machine.
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In starting up the Tomcat server, you can change the program parameters when running Java. You can add to the VM arguments -Xmx###m to a smaller number that may work on your machine. Also, you may want to see if you're running other memory intensive Java apps.

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