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I am trying to write to registry using Wix.

it is failing showing the error "The error code is 2727"

to run this sample follow the below steps.

you need a text file in c:\testinstall.txt

it installs the file testinstall.txt in C:\Program Files\testinstall

candle sample.wxs light sample.wixobj

sample.msi will be created

when i add this entry in the script it is failing.

all i need is to have a script which will create a key and write some value into the registry.

sample.wxs code


  <Registry Id="TestKey" 

 <Registry Id="TestValue" 
           Type="string" /> 



<Feature Id="Feature" Level="1">
 <ComponentRef Id="component0" />
 <ComponentRef Id="ID0EAAA" />

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Are you using WiX v2? Instead of creating the registry value with two Registry entries, just combine it all into one line.

<Registry Id="TestKey" Root="HKLM" Key="SOFTWARE\testCorp" Name="TestValue" Value="123" Type="string" Action="write" />

That's usually a lot easier. If you really want to nest them then I recommend leaving the Registry/@Action attribute off of the parent registry key so it doesn't actually end up in the MSI. Just organizes the child elements.

Note the syntax is a bit different in WiX v3.

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