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I'm running Rails 2.3.2.

How do I convert "Cool" to "cool"? I know "Cool".downcase works, but is there a Ruby/Rails method that does the opposite of capitalize, i.e., uncapitalize or decapitalize?

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There is no inverse of capitalize, but you can feel free to roll your own:

class String
  def uncapitalize 
    self[0, 1].downcase + self[1..-1]
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Where should we add this method? –  Vadorequest Jul 16 at 9:02
@Vadorequest The method? Add it on the String class, as shown in the answer. –  Ajedi32 Aug 8 at 15:36
In a standard Rails app, it would probably make sense to add it to a new file in /config/initializers –  DaveMongoose Aug 8 at 15:51
@Ajedi32 Well, it maybe looks obvious to you, but not to me. Thanks Dave. –  Vadorequest Aug 9 at 21:14

There is also:

"coolat_cat".camelize(:lower) # => "coolCat"
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very cool, I didn't know that. –  sa125 Jan 23 '13 at 7:43
This does require ActiveRecord tho : apidock.com/rails/String/camelize (After reading the question, it does state it is already with Rails) –  Ian Vaughan May 28 '13 at 21:51
@Ian Vaughan: ActiveSupport to be more precise –  tf. May 29 '13 at 10:26

There is no real inverse of capitalize, but I think underscore comes close.

"CoolCat".underscore  #=> "cool_cat"
"cool_cat".capitalize #=> "Cool_cat"
"cool_cat".camelize   #=> "CoolCat"

Edit: underscore is of course the inverse of camelize, not capitalize.

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"cool_cat".capitalize is Cool_cat. Not CoolCat. –  Vijay Dev Dec 17 '10 at 21:10
str = "Directly to the south"
str[0] = str[0].downcase
puts str
#=> "directly to the south"
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If you use Ruby Facets, you can lowercase the first letter:


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You could also do this with a simple sub:

"Cool".sub(/^[A-Z]/) {|f| f.downcase }
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