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I want to make my first web app but don't know which is the best combination of technologies to use. The web app would be based on a Windows app I made with Visual Studio using C#. Basically what the web page needs to do is to create some content dynamically based on an XML file on the server and then download data from Yahoo Finance to upload the content constantly. The user would be able to change "views" to display different subsets of the content, so the page is modified dynamically. The content is not user specific, but some parts of the page need to be created dynamically from the content of the XML file because it is updated daily, so I don't have to rewrite the page each time.

Hope I am making myself clear, I am relatively new to developing and have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, and XML.

Do you know what are the best and easiest technologies to achieve something like this?


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Best and easiest are probably conflicting requirements... IMHO if you're looking at VS Web development then you have Best = MVC, Easiest = WebForms.

You will need to use all the languages you mention.

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I'll try with MVC, thank you –  VerizonW Dec 19 '10 at 20:36

If it's already build in Visual Studio... ASP.NET seems the obvious choice. You just have to recreate your front-end as a web project.

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That would probably depend on if he's already got his application split into some type of logical layers or if everything is the form. –  Chris Dec 17 '10 at 19:42
@Chris - This is true, as "it depends" tends to be. –  Ben L. Dec 17 '10 at 20:25

I'll have to go for the ASP.NET MVC way. Since is your first webapp it will be easier for you to learn the MVC pattern as if you were already initiated in the WebForms world. Also, MVC is more dynamic and seems to apply better to your situation. The downside of MVC is the learning curve, but totally worth it.

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I'll give it a try thank you –  VerizonW Dec 19 '10 at 20:37

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