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I have the following list

Dim ordersToUpdate as New List(Of OrderUpdate)

I am using a "For Each" to iterate and update a legacy DB

For Each order In ordersToUpdate



I am having a LOCKING problem on the DB when the "ordersToUpdate" is large. Instead to puting a Threading.Thread.Sleep to pause, is there a proper way to break the list up into sections e.g iterating 100 at a time?

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What is the legacy DB? What kind of LOCKING problem do you have? Show us the UpdateDB-Function –  Tim Schmelter Dec 17 '10 at 20:35

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Public Function SplitList(Of T)(ByVal list As List(Of T), ByVal size As Integer) As List(Of List(Of T))
        Dim result As New List(Of List(Of T))
        For i = 0 To CInt(Math.Ceiling(list.Count / size)) - 1
            result.Add(New List(Of T)(list.GetRange(i * size, Math.Min(size, list.Count - (i * size)))))
        Return result
    End Function


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