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Creating an Activity with a Service and setting up the bindService. I thought i could make all this run "hidden" like a background Service - silentely this Service (client) would connect to my PC server waiting for incoming. I read the Service class api dock and cant see any description how to do that. Do I really have to use an Activity class to launch my Service. I know i can launch activity classes from the service if I need. Can somebody enplane this before i go nuts?

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What platform are you asking about? – Robert Dec 17 '10 at 19:51
oh right, Its Android – Erik Dec 17 '10 at 21:12
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What is the BroadcastReceiver "actually" doing?

cant wrap my head around the code implementation here. after reading many questions here and elsewhere about this getting fragment of clarification I think the method is: - an apk file which contains a Service an activity and a BroadcastReceiver Class. - action.BOOT_COMPLETED will start only my Service, not the Activity. The user can from Main Launcher start Activity for "in app settings" and I Bind to Service and Unbind when done

Yea will try this tomorrow after work.

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