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I've created a bookmarklet as follows:

// Assuming a keyword of 'pin',
//   'pin' will retrieve all bookmarks
//   'pin linux' will retrieve all bookmarks tagged 'linux'
//   'pin linux tools' will retrieve all bookmarks tagged both 'linux' and 'tools'

This works as intended on existing pages. However, when a page doesn't actually exist in the current tab (for instance, about:blank), I get nothing, presumably because document.location doesn't yet exist. open(url) does not work, either.

Is there another way to make this work? I'm using Firefox, if it matters.

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You code works on my Firefox - page redirect from about:blank to your webpage(

I test document.location from a about:blank page, it works too, please try:

  1. Open a about:blank page in Firefox
  2. run javascript:alert(document.location.href);void(0)

*i think you'd better add void(0) at the end on your code.

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