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I have projects set up as follows:

  1. Data - repository.
  2. Service
  3. Web

I'm using NUnit, and I'm testing a method that is in Service Project. When I first used MSTest to automatically setup these tests for me, it created a unit test constructor that looks like this:

    Service service;
    public void ServiceConstructorTest()
        IRepository repository = null; // TODO: Initialize to an appropriate value
        service = new Service(repository );
        Assert.Inconclusive("TODO: Implement code to verify target");

When I try to test a method, this constructor is not executed and service ends up being null. Am I going to have to declare and mock every time I write a test?

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the code you are showing is not a constructor, but I think I know what you are asking. –  NerdFury Dec 17 '10 at 20:57

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NUnit has a [SetUp] attribute that you put on a method, and that method will be called before each test is executed. There is also a [TearDown] attribute that causes the method to be run after each unit test as well.

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