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Currently using Python 2.4.3, and not allowed to upgrade

I want to change the values of a given attribute in one or more tags, together with XML-comments in the updated file.

I have managed to create a Python script that takes a XML-file as argument, and for each tag specified changes an attribute, as shown below

def update(file, state):
    global Etree
        from elementtree import ElementTree
        print '*** using ElementTree'
    except ImportError, e:
        print '***'
        print '*** Error: Must install either ElementTree or lxml.'
        print '***'
        raise ImportError, 'must install either ElementTree or lxml'
    #end try

    doc = Etree.parse(file)
    root = doc.getroot()

    for element in root.findall('.//StateManageable'):
        element.attrib['initialState'] = state
    #end for
#end def

This is all fine, the attributes "initialState" are updated, except for the fact that my original XML contains a lot of XML comments as well, but they are long gone, which is bad.

Suspect that parse only retrieves the XML-structure, but I thought XML-comments where a part of the structure. I also realize that the "human-readable" formatting of my original document is long gone, but that I have realized is expected behavior, need to format afterwards using xmllint --format or XSL.

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2.4? My sympathies. –  delnan Dec 17 '10 at 21:08
you bet, I had a hard time when starting to create my first scripts realizing that all the good stuff I found examples of was for 2.7 :-) –  rhellem Dec 17 '10 at 21:13

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Fredrik Lundh has published instructions on how to put comments and processing instructions into the the tree.

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Thanks, just was I was looking for! –  rhellem Dec 18 '10 at 11:48

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