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If I want to filter a set of links against an array and then style those not in the array as unavaible, how would I do that.

Here is what I have:

if ( == '93') {
     $links.filter(function() {


But I don't know how the syntax for checking against an array.

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The short answer...

Use jQuery's $.inArray(value, array) function.

Also, see this Stackoverflow question, Javascript - array.contains(obj), whose answer mentions jQuery's $.inArray function as well as array searching functions in other JavaScript libraries.

The long answer...

I presume you have an collection of hyperlinks on your page, like so:

<p><a id="google" href="">Google</a></p>
<p><a id="yahoo" href="">Yahoo!</a></p>
<p><a id="ask" href="">Ask</a></p>
<p><a id="icerocket" href="">Icerocket</a></p>

And that you have an array that contains the ids of those hyperlinks, like so:

var validLinkIds = ["google", "ask"];

The following script will filter across all <a> elements, "disabling" those that are not in the validLinkIds array:

$("a").filter(function() {
        if ($.inArray($(this).attr('id'), validLinkIds) < 0)

I created a JSFiddle entry where you can run/test out this script -

Happy Programming!

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