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A little bit of context:

I'm using the jQuery Validation plugin to validate a sign-up form. I now want to implement an ajax call to check whether the user name is available in the system, and I want to make this ajax call only if the userName value is a valid one as per the rules set in $(form).validate();

I want something like:

$("#userName").keyup(function () {
    if ($("#userName").isValid()) {
        //make ajax called

I searched the documentation but i couldn't identify the solution to my problem.

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The plugin contains the remote method specifically for this task. –  Sparky Oct 14 at 22:00

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$("#userName").keyup(function () {
    if ($("#userName").valid() == true ) {
        //make ajax called


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A quick note to those who do not click the link. You have to call $("#myform").validate(); first. –  PFranchise Jan 18 '13 at 17:51
Note that this code doesn't run at all if the user inputs the name via, say, right click, Paste. Use remote. –  Craig Stuntz Oct 19 at 3:02

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