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Can i access model service through model entity by using interface of model service.

I know that we can access entity from model service, but vice versa though model service interface is it possible.

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You can. It's certainly better than writing more procedural code - working with entities instead of letting them to work themselves.

But I agree with Szymon Pobiega on this:

My own rule of thumb is use Domain Events (as desscribed by Udi) as a preferred way of IoC when interaction can be made one-way. If it can't, I use double dispatch.

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But double dispatch is something different where u pass domain object into the implementation of your service. Can I inject IDomainService into the constructor of domain object and call methods of that service .For eg- : Interface ICalculate {public decimal Add(int num1, int num2);} Now , Class Advertiser { public Advertiser(ICalculate ob){} public void PerformOperation (){ob.calculate();} } – kamal Dec 23 '10 at 17:55

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