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Function-calculate area of region under parabola

i need help with this question:

To find the area of a region bounded by the graph y=x^2 and the x-axis on the interval [a,b] we can approximate the region by drawing a number of "thin" rectangles and taking the sum of their areas. Let us divide [a,b] into n smaller intervals of the same widght h=b-1/n. On each interval there is a rectangle with the height y=r where r is the middle of that small interval on the x-axis. The area of that rectangle is hy. Write a Python function that takes a,b, and n as parameters and returns the approximate area of the region under the parabola y=x^2 using the above method. If you could please explain as to why your program works that would be helpful.

I know i have to find the width of each rectangle(which would be the distance between a and b divided by the amount of intervals) The height can be calculated by using the equation y=x^2 where x would be where each interval is located on the x-axis. To find the area of those rectangles i would multiply the width(which would be the same for all rectangles) times the height. The only problem is applying this to Python, for i do not know what to do.

I would start with def areaOfparabola(a,b,n): but from there what should i do?

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(You just asked this question, so go back to this. I'll just write something here.)

The hard part of pretty much any programming problem, not just this, is to work out exactly what you want to do. Once you've done that, translating it into an actual program is generally pretty trivial.

So, you should start off by working out, very clearly, what it is you want to work out. Try to write it in pseudocode; that is, write in detailed English what you want to do. I'll start you off:

function area_of_parabola(a, b, n):
    width = (b - a) / n
    make a list of evenly-spaced x-values
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