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Im trying to compare a users input with a .txt file but they never equal. The .txt contains the number 12. When I check to see what the .txt is it prints out as

<_io.TextIOWrapper name='text.txt' encoding='cp1252'>

my code is

import vlc
a = input("test ")
rflist = open("text.txt", "r")
if rflist == a:
    p = vlc.MediaPlayer('What Sarah Said.mp3')

so am i doing something wrong with my open() or is it something else entirely

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You're not reading the documentation or some tutorial, that's the problem ;) – delnan Dec 18 '10 at 0:36

To print the contents of the file instead of the file object, try


instead of


A file object is not the text contained in the file itself, but rather a wrapper object that facilitates operations on the file, like reading its contents or closing it.

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rflist.read() or f.readline() is correct.

Read the documentation section 7.2

Dive Into Python is a fantastic book to start Python. take a look at it and you can not put it down.

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