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I am using RubyGems version 1.3.7. I just pushed a bad gem to the server, and now want to remove it using the gem yank command, which is what the instructions on the terminal tell me to do. Yet when I run this, I get command not found errors.

So did the command get removed? What can I do to push a gem up to RubyGems without building a new version?

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Install gemcutter--it will add global yank and webhook commands for rubygems.

# gem install gemcutter

And you can't push the same gem version twice. Yanking just marks a particular version as 'invalid'.

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I ran into the same problem and here is how to remove the gem from

You probably have to install the gemcutter version >= 0.5.0

After You have done that just do yank on the gem eg. gem yank gem_name -v VERSION_HERE

If you want to undo the yank use gem yank gem_name -v VERSION_HERE --undo

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