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Is there a Delphi equivalent to C#'s PropertyGrid? I want to implement something similar to the Object Inspector in RAD Studio.

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Delphi has TValueListEditor, but it's extremely simple, nowhere near the functionality of the object inspector. For that you need a 3rd party control. JVCL has a capable, free inspector component, and there are many commercial ones, such as Inspex from Raize Software and VerticalGrid from Developer Express. VerticalGrid comes in several variants, one of which acts as an object inspector - all you need to do is assign an instance to a property, and the component does the rest.

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While I havent checked out the pricing I would also investigate TMS software. I know they have a property-editor that is just as advanced as Developer Express - but TMS are usually more reasonable when it comes to price than Developer Express.

You could also take a quick search as www.Koder.com and see if you come across some opensource alternatives there. Personally I went for TMS.

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