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I have to server. the hosted rails app server and git repository server. the two server are connected with internet (not on the same host)

the rails project are deployed with capistrano. sometimes the remote git repository is down, i could not deploy the latest update. I also have cloned repository on the rails server, so when the remote repository server is down, i could push my changes to the repository on rails server instead.

what is the recipes so i could choose which repository to fetch


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One way to approach this would be to set the :repository variable on the fly.

Perhaps set up a task which gets called before deploy:update which uses git ls-remote #{repository} #{branch} to check whether the repository is there and responding.

Something like this (this is untested and may not work!):

set :repos, ["git@github.com:whatever/project.git", "git@yourserver.com/repos/project.git"]
set :branch, "master"

task :select_repository do
  repos.each do |repo|
    if capture("git ls-remote #{repo} #{branch}") =~ /refs\/heads\/#{branch}/
      set :repository, repo
      return true

before "deploy:update" do
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thank you, this is very helpful. but how if the remote repository is referenced locally, instead of git@youserver.com , the repository path is /home/user/path/to/repo –  ahmy Dec 20 '10 at 9:19
You'll just need to set different variables inside the 'if' block. See Configuration Variables on the cap wiki. –  idlefingers Dec 20 '10 at 9:49

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