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Hi how do I store this array to two different variables instead of echo??

$countries = array();
foreach ($my_data as $node)
    foreach($node->getElementsByTagName('a') as $href)
        preg_match('/([0-9\.\%]+)/',$node->nodeValue, $match);
        $countries[trim($href->nodeValue)] = $match[0]; 

foreach ($countries as $country => $percent) echo str_replace("Â","",(strip_tags($country))) . ' - ' . str_replace("Â","",(strip_tags($percent)));

This will output

USA - 75%
UK - 65%
AU - 56%
UAE - 52%

and so on What I am looking is I need this array to store in multiple variable for example

$datac = USA,UK,AU,UAE

$datap = 75%,65%,56%,52%

like that any idea?

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Your replacing is destroying your data. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Dec 18 '10 at 4:48
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$datac = array();
$datap = array();

foreach($countries as $country => $percent) {
    $datac[] = str_replace("Â","",(strip_tags($country)));
    $datap[] = str_replace("Â","",(strip_tags($percent)));

If you want them as strings, you can just do:

$datac = implode(',', $datac);
$datap = implode(',', $datap);

Reference: implode

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Felix Kling You are a master.. thank you very much – mathew Dec 18 '10 at 3:45

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