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We are developing one classified site we want to fetch classifieds from backpage.com also. My questions are.

  1. Is it legal to do this?
  2. Have any direct or third party API for .NET?
  3. Have any way to do this?

I search this issue on Google but didn't get any satisfactory answer?

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From the Terms of Use page on Backpage.com's site:

Without limitation, you agree to refrain from the following actions while using the Site...Using any automated device, spider, robot, crawler, data mining tool, software or routine to access, copy, or download any part of the Site unless expressly permitted by the Site;

It violates their terms of use to use their content without permission. While I am unsure if they could actually enforce this it court (I'm not a lawyer, but I assume they could) it is nevertheless bad form to do it without their permission. You could however contact the company and see if are willing to let you access the data.

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